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  • Where beautiful skin starts
  • Sonja Flay
  • balanceclean foodclean waterhappinesshappy skinhealinghealthy skin tipsskin problemsvitamin D

Where beautiful skin starts

Where beautiful skin starts

In today’s world most of us, at some point in our lives, have suffered from skin problems like acne, eczema and dermatitis that advertising would have us believe can be solved with skincare products only.

If it was that easy though why are we still suffering, jumping from one product to the next hoping for the cure?

In order to shed light on this question we first need to understand that skincare products support your skin’s natural function and cannot actively change it. When we disassociate ourselves from what true skin health is that’s when we find ourselves in this loop of never ending issues.

Healthy skin is happy skin and happy skin comes from balance.

Your body is incredibly smart and will talk to you, via your skin, when it's thrown out of balance so that you can course-correct. Your skin's primary response to imbalance is to trigger inflammation, but if you can listen when inflammation is present then you'll be able to figure out where you need to start in order to calm it down and heal the skin.

Only once balance is reinstated can the skin receive nourishment from skincare products and thus truly thrive.

To help your skin thrive here are some of my guidelines to keep in mind:

Drink ‘Un-processed’ Water & Use a Shower Filter

Your body is made up of approximately 70% water and the type of water you choose to drink has a significant impact on your health and the health of your skin.

Fluoride, a neurotoxin and just one of the 2000 chemicals found in tap water, is disruptive to your thyroid and the skin’s microbiome. It also softens bones and interferes with collagen production. Spring water, or water that comes from an aquifer and has been cleansed naturally by the earth, is the best water you can give your body, but there are many high-quality filters out there that work just as well.

Eat Clean, Real Food

People are being overfed, but at the same time they’re also starving to death. When we eat food that’s processed, packed full of sugar and has little to no nutrient content it’s not illogical then to think that the exterior manifestation of our body’s struggle to cope will appear through our skin.

Learn how the food you eat is grown and try to incorporate as much clean, wild food from your local farmers market into your diet as you can. 

I’m also a huge advocate for incorporating super foods like schizandra berry, chaga, pine pollen, and sea veggies. These are gifts from the earth that you only need to try to believe in their power.

Honour Your Skin With Sunshine

We live in a world that fears the sun, but your body was designed to harmonize with it. There are thousands of Vitamin D Receptors (VDR) that live on your skin and need to be activated by the sun. When we deprive ourselves of sunshine we open ourselves up to bacteria that can invade these receptors and interfere with our immune system. Studies have even shown that people who suffer from eczema have low levels of Vitamin D.

Be Happy

The stress we place on ourselves everyday drastically increases our level of cortisol, which is harmful when elevated for too long, and flips the switch on our sympathetic (flight-or-fight) nervous system. Our body can only heal itself when that flip is switched off so if we're constantly activating it then this internal struggle will surface, at some point, on your skin. 

Being stress-free and happy is sometimes easier said than done, but like everything in life it’s a choice. We can choose to dwell on our stress or instead acknowledge and move past it. One of my favourite books for helping to deal with modern day stress is The Urban Monk by Pedram Shojai. 

 - Sonja xo


  • Sonja Flay
  • balanceclean foodclean waterhappinesshappy skinhealinghealthy skin tipsskin problemsvitamin D

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  • Jan 05, 2017

    Such simple ideas yet we’re so not following them like we should! I need to keep in mind that sun and stress one!

    — Sara Vartanian

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